Mon 23 May

Is High-Speed Rail a Pipe Dream in the U.S.?

Michael Fuhrman , M.S.A. By 1930, America built 430,000 miles of steel rails connecting the Atlantic seaboard to the Pacific Ocean. At one time, the US railroad was the largest industry in the... Read More »
Tue 24 May

General George Washington, America's First Spymaster

George Deutsch , B.A. That's right! Washington created the first espionage and reconnaissance unit of the Continental Army and a highly effective spy ring in British occupied New York City ... Read More »
Wed 25 May

"On the Waterfront": Evolution of an Essay Series

Dr. David Frew Ph.D. Where were you when Kennedy was assassinated, or the first man walked on the moon, or the 9-11 tragedy occurred? How did those events make you feel?  How did you resp... Read More »

Advancing Community Progress in Erie, Pennsylvania

The Jefferson Educational Society (JES) of Erie is a nonprofit institution where conversations commence and ideas take action. We were founded to promote civic enlightenment and community progress for the Erie Region through the study, research, and discussion of those ideas and events that have influenced the human condition. The Society offers courses, seminars, and lectures which explain the central ideas that have formed the past, assist in exploring the present, and offer guidance to enhance the civic future of the Erie Region.