Tue 20 Oct

Recruitment of Black Soldiers in U.S. Military in Northwest Pennsylvania during the Civil War

George Deutsch, B.A. A brief history of raising Union black regiments during the Civil War will be provided. Focus will be on the several USCT (United States Colored Troop) regiments that ... Read More »
Wed 21 Oct

Elected Erie County Women Series: Part Three

Judith Lynch, Ph.D. From the passing of the 19th Amendment, to the formation of the local chapter of the League of Women Voters, to Annette Young becoming the first woman elected in Erie ... Read More »
Thu 22 Oct

Paths to Renewed Prosperity for Great Lakes Communities

John Austin MPA Despite lingering popular misconceptions, the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest region is not an economic monolith of struggling older industrial cities and rural hinterla... Read More »

Advancing Community Progress in Erie, Pennsylvania

The Jefferson Educational Society (JES) of Erie is a nonprofit institution where conversations commence and ideas take action. We were founded to promote civic enlightenment and community progress for the Erie Region through the study, research, and discussion of those ideas and events that have influenced the human condition. The Society offers courses, seminars, and lectures which explain the central ideas that have formed the past, assist in exploring the present, and offer guidance to enhance the civic future of the Erie Region.