Agora Circle

Introducing the agora Circle

A collaborative giving initiative empowering the sustainable growth of the Jefferson.

The Agora Circle derives its name from the ancient Greek community gathering place where people met in civil discourse to discuss the important matters of the day, exchange ideas across fields of expertise, and to learn in order to better their lives and bring progress to their communities.

This has been the Jefferson’s vision and mission for over fifteen years and will remain so in the coming years. We need you and your financial support to ensure the Jefferson’s sustainability and expand our programs to create a larger reach as we continue to grow.

The Jefferson has gained local, state, and national recognition, giving evidence to the value of our work and efforts. We need you not only for what we do now, but to amplify our offerings to other regional and national communities.

This personal invitation is a call for giving beyond our Annual Memberships - for members of our community who value the work of the Jefferson, are some of our greatest supporters, and promote the traditions of the Agora through their continued engagement. Founding Agora Circle members will receive exclusive benefits for their valued contributions, as outlined below. Our inaugural gathering is a private breakfast on Thursday, May 9th with Presidential historian and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Doris Kearns Goodwin.

Founding Agora Circle Benefits

Individual: $1,500 | With Guest: $2,500

  • Admission to our Agora Circle inaugural gathering, a private breakfast with Pulitzer Prize-winner, Doris Kearns Goodwin, on May 9th.
  • Admission to a private reception with Robert Garland, renowned historian and professor at Colgate University, in July during his Summer Residency with the JES.
  • Admission to TWO private receptions with esteemed speakers in the fall during Global Summit XVI.
  • Invitation to participate in the JES Board of Trustees board retreat workshop in August.
  • Recognition in our Annual Report.
  • Recognition on our Agora Circle Founding Members plaque next to the Agora painting in the Jefferson Hall.
  • Quarterly written communication from JES leadership about ongoing progress.