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Examine the past. Observe the present. Explore the future. Be a part of progress.

The Jefferson Educational Society offers a variety of different ways to help support our community by becoming a member, monetary donations, and the Agora Circle.

A community that looks forward moves forward.

At The Jefferson Educational Society, we believe in community progress through civic enlightenment and educational engagement. Our contributors know the critical role they play in shaping the community's future by learning its history.

To see the future is to know and understand the past.

Through educational courses, lectures, and seminars, we remain committed to producing thoughtful students of civic discourse. Through civic, institutional, and familial research, we preserve the past for study and examine key lessons to better build the future of our region. Through the exploration of contemporary issues facing our region and nation, we create a platform for discussion and a vehicle for progress. Our members and contributors believe in this, too, because they believe foremost in progress. The work we do is essential to fostering a culture of advancement of ideas.