Leadership Academy

The Jefferson Civic Leadership Academy

Launched in 2015, the Jefferson Civic Leadership Academy prepares Erie professionals, approximately ages 25-45, for meaningful, fulfilling, and impactful engagement in their community by providing a dynamic and unique environment that fosters teamwork, growth, and learning through a transformative experience for those seeking to be change-agents for their community.

Through the Leadership Academy, students examine the inner workings of local governments to emerge as civic leaders capable of effecting positive change for Erie County's future with an understanding of Erie's past and present.

With a close look at Erie's economic, entrepreneurial, and innovation ecosystems, the Leadership Academy informs mindful leaders of Erie's post-industrial landscape while exposing them to global ideas that can be applied to Erie County's overall developmental health and well-being.

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Jefferson Civic Leadership Academy Students

Academy Application Requirements

To apply for the Civic Leadership Academy, please submit the following, either online at JESErie.org or in person at the Jefferson Educational Society:

  • Current Résumé featuring:
    • Personal Information, including Name; address; personal phone number; employer phone number; email address;
    • Work History, detailing employment experiences and positions held;
    • Educational Background, including high school; college experience (include degree and minors); any advanced degrees and/or specific training and/or certificate experiences;
    • Awards and Honors, detailing the nature of the award and date received;
    • Civic Engagement, listing both current and past community-oriented involvement and noting roles held within such organizations and activities;
    • Additional Volunteer Experience, noting how much time was committed to organizations.
  • The Names and Contact Information of Three References who should be able to attest to the applicant’s qualifications for the Civic Leadership Academy, leadership experience and potential, as well as teamwork capacity.
  • Cover letter explaining what led applicants to seek admission to the Civic Leadership Academy and, if desired, to the Raimy Fellowship Program, which should address past leadership experience, what the candidate hopes to gain through the Leadership Academy experience, what makes the candidate an ideal fit for the Academy, and what the applicant believes would be her/his strongest contributions to the Academy and team dynamic. The candidate needs to note the interest in participating in the Raimy Fellowship Program. *Cover letter should not exceed 500 words.

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