Jefferson's Response to COVID-19

Posted on March 16th, 2020 at 4:00 PM

Dear Friends of the Jefferson,


Today, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease Dr.

Anthony Fauci said, “If you just leave the virus [COVID-19] to its own devices, it will

go way up like we’ve seen in Italy,” adding that, “If it looks like you’re over-reacting,

you’re probably doing the right thing” to prevent this virus from doing irreparable



At 2 p.m. today, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf ordered all “nonessential

businesses” close across the state at a news conference Monday afternoon.


It is in the best interest of everyone that this virus is defeated as soon as possible. I

know, when it matters the most, this nation comes together to face all challenges

unlike any other nations on Earth. “This shall too pass” and it’s because we’ve come

together as a nation to defeat it.


We, at the Jefferson, must do our part, and we will. Our team is small enough and

technologically advanced enough that we’ll be able to continue our work remotely.

In fact, between the two programs we have live-streamed to date, more than 5,000

people have viewed Dr. Judy Lynch’s lecture on “Erie County’s History of the

Responsibility of the Poor” and our event in partnership with LECOM and the Erie

County Health Department on COVID-19 combine. This signals the importance of

the Jefferson continuing our civic education mission, especially in times like these

when more and more people are being asked to practice social distancing and


Here’s the plan for the days ahead, as we evolve our civic engagement during these


  • Our Facebook live of our programming will continue when possible.
  • We will let you know the dates and times as they are solidified.
  • Our team is looking into other social media activities.
  • We will continue sending information regarding Jefferson publications.
  • We will release a new JES report shortly.
  • Interested in further reading? Our team will send you reading recommendations.

No doubt, we find ourselves in unusual times. However, as we continue to move

forward, the Jefferson team is working hard to ensure that we can remain an

engaged resource to the community in whatever means we safely and responsibly

can. At the moment, we believe that to be through our digital footprint, though that

may change as circumstances evolve. In that event, we will alert you as soon as



For updates as they become available, please check the News & Updates section of

our website at, and follow us on Facebook at

Yours in friendship,


Ferki Ferati, Ed.D.