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Accidental Paradise


By: David Frew and Jerry Skrypzak

While "Accidental Paradise" identifies contemporary threats and concerns, it is essentially a story of hope and promise. Beautiful images, poetry, and wonderful stories percolate from the pages, as the prose traces a legacy of history and details the partners who have grown with the park: Waldameer, Erie Water Works, Algeria Farms, Sarah's, the Coast Guard, and more.  

Enjoy the book, then go to Presque Isle.  Wander beaches, roadways, and trails.  Visit TREC and attend programs.  Feel the wonder as you honor the history.

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WILLIAM C. SENNETT: A MAN FOR ALL ERAS (June 1, 1930-January 23, 2023) 

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Wakin' Us Up: Blues & Jazz Musical Evolution and Social Revolution

Posted on February 7th, 2022 at 12:00 PM
Wakin' Us Up: Blues & Jazz Musical Evolution and Social Revolution

Wakin' us up: blues & jazz musical evolution and social revolution

by Tanya Teglo


This essay is the first in a series of articles by writer Tanya Teglo on African American culture and social issues. They will continue throughout February as Americans celebrate Black History Month. The articles were first published as part of the 2021 Erie Blues & Jazz Festival. 

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