Lecturers at the Jefferson Educational Society

John Sites

John C. Sites is originally from the town of Royersford, Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania, and moved to Cambridge Springs, Crawford Co., Pennsylvania in 1987.  Sites retired in 2017 with 2 years in the Military serving in the Military Police and 45 years working for the Pennsylvania Game Commission.


As an amateur archaeologist, Sites has decades worth of experience collecting fossils and artifacts. In 1978 he joined what is now called the Indian Artifact Collectors Association of the Northeast States and became the club’s secretary. After moving to western PA, he joined the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology (Chapter #26, now named the French Creek Archaeological Society), and in 1988 he was elected President, a position he has held ever since. Sites is also associated with the American Society for Amateur Archaeology.


Sites has presented programs on the French & Indian War, fossils, early man, climate change, and Native American cultures. He enjoys French & Indian War and American Civil War re-enacting with his wife.