Lecturers at the Jefferson Educational Society

Bruce Kibler, Ph.D. & Pawel Pasierbiak, Ph.D.

Bruce A. Kibler, PhD., attended the University of Maryland, College Park for a BS in Political Science and a MA in German Language and Literature, Johns Hopkins for an MAS in Business and Information Technology and Matej Bel University in the Slovak Republic for his PhD in Strategic and International Management. Dr. Kibler has performed projects in diverse countries such as the acquisition of Voicestream (T-Mobile) by Deutsche Telekom ($53 bn) and the business transformation of Hrvatski Telekom, in Croatia.

After a successful career in the business world Professor Kibler moved into academia and has championed community engagement via class projects uniting student learning, community involvement and economic development here in Erie, championing the alleviation of food deserts, fiber optic to the home, the creation of a land trust and much more. Professor Kibler has forged partnerships with international universities in Esslingen, Germany and Lublin, Poland, Erie’s sister city. Professor Kibler has recently become more active in sustainability and economic development, specifically, engaging with Africa GreenTec to bring solar solutions to sub Saharan African villages.


Assoc. Prof. Pawel Pasierbiak, PhD


Head of the Department of World Economy and European Integration

Institute of Economics and Finance

Faculty of Economics

Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin, Poland


International Programs Coordinator at the Faculty of Economics




In his research, he focuses, firstly, on the phenomena and processes taking place in the global economy, with particular emphasis on the area of international trade and investment, and secondly, on the processes of regional economic integration, particularly in the area of Asia-Pacific. As part of the project SPEAC (Jean Monnet Network), with scientists from South Korea, Singapore, Germany, and Sweden, he is researching the phenomenon of connectivity between Europe and Asia. Also, under the Erasmus+ program, he cooperates with Gannon University, Erie, PA.

Author and co-author of numerous scientific papers, books, and book chapters. He lectured in numerous universities in Germany, Japan, Spain, and the United States.