Lecturers at the Jefferson Educational Society

William A. Smith,

Dr. William A. Smith, Ed.D. has an honorary Ph.D.

Dr. Smith recently retired as Executive Vice President of the Academy for Educational Development, one of America’s largest non-profits. Today he serves as special advisor on innovation management Dr. Smith began his work in public health on infant diarrhea, immunization campaigns, and acute respiratory infections in rural communities throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America.  In the mid-80’s he became heavily involved in AIDS prevention both around the world and here in the U.S. Today Bill supervises health programs ranging from elder care to teen drug prevention – from policy advocacy to communication campaigns.

Bill is co-author of the recent IOM (Institute of Medicine) report Health Literacy: A Prescription to End Confusion Report.   He has authored major chapters in health text books and recent publications on health communication. He has co-authored two books: Radio and Community-Based Social Marketing.

He serves on the Scientific Advisory Board to the Center for Health Marketing of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; on the Boards of the Center for Plain Language, the editorial Board of the Journal of Environmental Communication, the International Journal of Health Communication and the American Dental Association Advisory Board on Health Literacy.  

Dr. Smith has an Ed.D non-formal education with an emphasis on gaming theory from the University of Massachusetts. He received an honorary Doctor of Science from the University of South Florida in recognition of his work in social marketing and social change. He is co-founder of the Social Marketing Institute, columnists for the Social Marketing Quarterly and publishes widely on health, human behavior and social marketing.