Lecturers at the Jefferson Educational Society

Richard Stadler,

Richard Stadler is one of today’s premier performance artists. Known primarily for his multimedia productions, he has cast himself in numerable ways such as classical guitarist, music composer, dancer, choreographer, film maker, performance art artist, and micro tonal vocalist.

Stadler started his career as a performer when he was only 5 years old. Appearing in ballets, plays, and later in his teens he was recognized as a child prodigy classical guitarist. “Vinyl White” (2005) launched Sadler’s career as a multimedia producer and artistic visionary combining 21rst century visual aesthetic concepts through mediums never before synergized in a performance billed as a “contemporary fashion ballet”. Other significant works include: “The Isabella Suite” (2004 a short 35mm dance film), “Good Night” (2007 a neo classical ballet), and a revolutionary lip sync performance art series “Narcissusfleur” (2008). 

Stadler has toured the U.S. and Internationally numerous times with shows varying from small classical guitar concerts to huge multimedia presentations. Stadler has worked with numerous direc Stadler is currently touring with his self expression workshop “WE Express”: ”The Isabella Suite”(2004 short 35 mm film), “Vinyl White”(2005 multimedia production), “Fragile Ballerina”(2006 Classical guitar suite composed for Ana Vidovic),”Good Night”(2007 a neo classical ballet), and Narcissusfleur Project(2008 a performance art lip sync video tour) , and W.E.(2009 self expression performance/workshop environment).

Stadler has worked with major directors, choreographers, film makers, and composers such as Mira Kingsley, Lauren Mace, Sebastian Brown, and Scott Wollschleger. Recognized as a ground breaking leader of new forms in the contemporary performance art aesthetic, Stadler has been written about by international philosopher Corry Shores in an article discussing Richard’s uninhibited genius challenging the post, post modern aesthetic.

In his 4 years of residence at Cal Arts, Stadler inspired the Institution at large to collaborate on a multidisciplinary level. Stadler supported and grew awareness of student project grant availability through his political action as treasurer of the student council, and created the “Water Club”, with the mission to bring the world’s finest water to students. His recent workshop “W.E.” has been inspired by his recent dance related work in northern California and is a culmination of his life work as a performer of music, dancer, and his experiences as a contemporary experimental artist.