Lecturers at the Jefferson Educational Society

Richard Buys,

Richard E. Buys,  Lt. Col. USAF (Retired), has a BA degree in Geography from the University of Minnesota and an MS degree in International Relations from Troy State University. He served twenty-eight years in the US Air Force as a transport pilot and as a reconnaissance pilot, was the Senior Staff Officer of the Air Board, NATO Military Agency for Standardization and a NATO defense planner and team member of the Harmonization Task Group negotiating the Conventional Forces Europe Treaty implementation.  He has traveled in, lived in or worked in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Viet Nam, India, Pakistan, Iran, Thailand, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and all NATO countries.  He is a licensed Airline Transport Pilot. As a civilian he served as an advisor to the Royal Saudi Air Force and technical writer for US Airways.  He presently serves as a Senior Advisory Officer at the Brussels-based European Centre for Defense, Security and Environment.