Lecturers at the Jefferson Educational Society

Glenn Corbett,

Glenn J. Corbett, Ph.D., has lectured at Penn State Erie, and both the Graham School and the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago. He received his Ph.D. in Near Eastern Archaeology, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, from The University of Chicago. He is  also the Associate Editor for the Archaeology Society (Washington, D.C.).

Archaeological Excavations and Surveys

  • Co-Director, Wadi Hafir Photographic Survey, Jordan (Summer 2012): trial survey in the

recording of inscriptions and rock drawings using three-dimensional photographic methods.

  • Director, Wadi Hafir Petroglyph Survey, Jordan (2005/6): my own field research project to

record ancient inscriptions and rock art using GIS and geospatial technologies.

  • Survey Member/GIS Manager, Ayl-Ras en Naqb Survey, Jordan (Spring 2005).
  • Square Supervisor, Tell Atchana Excavations, Turkey (Fall 2003)