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An Evening with Jeffrey Rosen, President of the National Constitution Center

May 20th,2021 | 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Professor / Instructor / Speaker: Jeffrey Rosen

President of the National Constitution Center

Professor at George Washington University Law School

*Other details will soon follow

Jeffrey Rosen

Jeffrey Rosen is an American academic, author, and commentator on legal affairs. He is a Professor of Law at George Washington University in Washington D.C., a contributing editor at The Atlantic, and has served as the president and CEO of the National Constitution Center, a nonpartisan nonprofit whose mission is to educate the public about the U.S. Constitution located in Philadelphia, PA since 2013.

Rosen writes frequently about the U.S. Supreme Court, having interviewed a number of chief justices. Chief Justice Ginsburg even credited Rosen’s early support for her Supreme Court candidacy as a factor for her nomination.

Rosen is the author of 6 books, most recently a Conversations with RBG: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Life, Liberty, and Law. His other books include William Howard Taft: The American Presidents Series; Louis D. Brandeis: American ProphetThe Supreme Court: The Personalities and Rivalries that Defined AmericaThe Most Democratic Branch: How the Courts Serve AmericaThe Naked Crowd: Reclaiming Security and Freedom in an Anxious Age; and The Unwanted Gaze: The Destruction of Privacy in America. Rosen is also the co-editor of Constitution 3.0: Freedom and Technological Change.

He hosts a weekly “We the People” podcast, a weekly show of constitutional debate where listeners can “hear the best arguments on all sides of the constitutional issues at the center of American life.” Rosen is a highly regarded journalist whose writing has appeared in the New York Times Magazine, National Public Radio, the New Republic, and The New Yorker. The Chicago Tribune named him one of the ten best magazine journalists in America and the Los Angeles Times called him “the nation’s most widely read and influential legal commentator.”

Rosen is a graduate of Harvard College, Oxford University, where he was a Marshall Scholar, and Yale Law School.