Troopers Teaching Students: Ending the School to Prison Pipeline and Creating Safe Schools

April 23rd,2019 | 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Professor/Instructor/Speaker: Matt Harris

Character Be About It, a transformational evidence-based preventative
program, has been designed to put trained active troopers-law enforcement
in the classroom to educate K-8 students on the importance of good character.
How does this program disrupt a negative culture and hopelessness in youth
while reducing daily suspensions, truancy, and bullying while also improving
students' overall performance and relationships with law enforcement?
Character Be About It President and CEO Matt Harris will outline the successes
of this program and its mission to end the school to prison pipeline while
creating safe schools. – Matt Harris, President/CEO, Character Be About It

Matt Harris
President/CEO of Character Be About It

Matt Harris is the President and Chief Executive Office of All About Character,
Inc. He earned his Associates Degree in business from Northeastern
Christian Junior College, and served the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as
a State Trooper for 20 years. Throughout his time as a Trooper, he worked as
a Patrol Trooper in Uniontown, a Physical Fitness Coordinator, a Criminal
Investigator in Erie, and a Recruitment Coordinator. As a State Trooper, he
worked with numerous children and families, many of them in unfortunate
situations, which instilled a passion in him to help our youth and give back
to his community, thus creating a unique program called Character: Be
About It – Troopers Teaching Students.