The Whiskey Rebellion: New Problems for a New Nation in Frontier Western Pennsylvania

July 15th,2019 | 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Professor/Instructor/Speaker: Richard ArthurM.A.

The new nation faced several problems in the first thirty years under the
Constitution. The first of these occurred in frontier Western Pennsylvania as
a group of citizens attempted to deal with a tax unfairly placed on those
with the least political power. Some wanted a strong government and sound
financial footing. Some wanted to change the law using political solutions.
Still others were willing to use terror and take up arms.
– Richard Arthur, M.A

Richard ArthurM.A.

Richard Jay Arthur, M.A., is a native of Pittsburgh. A 23-year veteran Army
officer, he has a lifelong interest in history with particular focus on the American
Colonial period. He has given talks on the Founding Fathers and the Continental
Army and lectured on the role of Pennsylvanians on the planning and actions of
D-Day, including stories based on interviews with participants. A website features
stories from his Butler County youth at www.butlercountyboyhood.com. He earned his
bachelor’s degree from Allegheny College, and his master’s from George Washington
University. He and his wife, Mary Lou, live in rural Erie County, where they operate
Winter’s End, an environment that supports bees and butterflies.