The Growth of Ghana as a Business Destination

September 19th,2019 | 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Professor/Instructor/Speaker: Christopher harben

This presentation by Dr. Christopher Harben is based on his recent twoweek
visit to Accra, Ghana. Ghana, and much of the continent of Africa, is
experiencing a surge in interest by multi-national companies seeking new
sources of labor as well as new markets for their products. The World Trade
Organization last year stated that Africa will need to produce 20 million jobs
per year for the next 17 years! Africa may well become the new China or India
in terms of business growth. During his time in Ghana, Dr. Harben presented
a 30-hour intensive business strategy course that was offered to students
and alumni of the Palm Institute, as well as community leaders from Accra.
In addition, he met with government and business representatives to conduct
research that he will share in this presentation and to his students at Penn
State Behrend.
– Christopher Harben, D.S.L., M.B.A.

Christopher harben

Christopher Harben, D.S.L., M.B.A., teaches the capstone class for senior
Business Majors at the Black School at Penn State Behrend. Dr. Harben also
teaches International Business and is an adviser for International Business
students, as well as the International Business Club. He is President of HLMC, LLC,
a consulting/coaching firm specializing in small-business strategy, organizational
behavior/design, and leadership development. Clients have included businesses in
construction, manufacturing, professional services, retail, restaurants, and hospital
systems. He designed and is the Coordinator of Fulton Leadership University—a nine
month leadership development program in Fulton County, Ohio. He holds a Certified
Global Business Professional designation from the National Association of Small
Business International Trade Educators.