The Church is Dead; Long Live the Church: What Does the Future Hold for Its Role and Place in Our Culture and Our City

February 15th,2018 | 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Professor/Instructor/Speaker: John Downey,M.Div.

By many measures, the Christian Church is declining and, in several cases, dying. While there are some exceptions as well as promising possibilities, the fact remains that congregations of many types are becoming smaller, older, and appear to be unsustainable. What are some reasons for this? What might the future hold for the role and place of Christianity in our culture and in our city?

John Downey,M.Div.
Dean of the Cathedral of Saint Paul, Canon Theologian of the Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania

The Very Reverend Dean John Downey has been Dean of the Cathedral of Saint Paul since April, 4, 1987 and is the Canon Theologian of the Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania. He is a native of Corry, PA and graduated from Grove City College and Seabury-Western Theological Seminary. He has had extensive diocesan, national, and community experience and is currently, with his wife, Sharon, co-chair of the North American Cathedral Deans Conference.