Sports Heroes of the Erie School District: 125 Profiles

July 22nd,2019 | 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Professor/Instructor/Speaker: Daniel J. BrabenderJr., J.D.

Erie's greatest sports author Dan Brabender has done it again with his newly
released book on Erie sports. Brabender, an Erie County Common Pleas Court
Judge, combines detailed research with expressive writing to capture the lives
of Erie sports legends and brings those skills to his talk and Q&A. The work
features the personal stories of sports figures, such as Essie Hollis, Woody
Thompson, Fred Biletnikoff, Bobby Biletnikoff, Eddie Woodard, Carmen Riazzi,
Pete Alex, Billy and Bobby Brabender, and writer Gene Cuneo. Books will be
available for purchase and a book signing will be held after the program.
– Hon. Daniel J. Brabender, J.D.

Daniel J. BrabenderJr., J.D.

Hon. Daniel J. Brabender, Jr., J.D., is an Erie native, who went on to attend the
University of Dayton School of Law, earning his J.D. in 1978. Most recently in his legal
career, he was elected Judge of the Erie County Court of Common Pleas in 2009. But
in addition to his legal profession, he is a well-known sports writer, having authored
four books on Erie sports, including three books that explore the athletic achievements
of Cathedral Preparatory School, where he graduated from in 1970. His latest book,
Sports Heroes of the Erie School District: 125 Profiles, on both well-known Erie student
athletes as well as those who played sports and went on to achieve success “off the
field,” will be the topic of this lecture.