Public Libraries: Breaking Barriers, Building Connections

September 11th,2018 | 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Professor/Instructor/Speaker: Erin WincekM.L.S.

Libraries are often called the cornerstones of democracy, but cornerstones are not known for their ability to be flexible. Yet, today’s libraries are striving to find new ways to promote the foundational values that they’ve always championed: access, literacy, and community. Join librarians from the Erie County Public Library as they discuss how modern libraries are breaking down barriers, connecting patrons to technology and information in meaningful ways, and building a culture of participatory curiosity.

– Erin Wincek, M.L.S. joined by Library Staff members Jude Shingle, Andrew Miller, and Chanel Cook

Erin WincekM.L.S.

Erie County Public Library Staff, led by Executive Director Erin Wincek, M.L.S., who is a community-minded librarian guiding the Erie County Public Library toward its mission of improving the collective quality of life in the region; Jude Shingle, Emerging Technology Librarian, an entrepreneur and educator who carves out fun spaces where people make things with new (and old) technologies; Andrew Miller, Adult Services Manager, who brings a deep passion for preservation, history, and genealogy, and works to aid researchers to find the right source, expand access to our local heritage materials, and develop educational opportunities that help connect people to their past; and Chanel Cook, Outreach Manager, who, with a career established in government service, is passionate about equity, inclusion, education, and community engagement.