Mystics for Skeptics: How to Tackle Mystical Thinking of Saints, Prophets, Philosophers, and Statesmen

September 29th,2020 | 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Professor/Instructor/Speaker: Charles Brock,M.Litt.

A working definition of mysticism is "a direct and transformative presence of God." Mystics insist that this must be followed by good works as either by-product or its ultimate purpose. As William Blake wrote, "Where Mercy, Love, and Pity dwell, there God is dwelling too." From Jacob tangibly wrestling with God to Martin Luther King, Jr. struggling with human rights, the mystical variety through the centuries and in all nations is superb and enormous. In his talk, the Rev. Charles Brock tackles mystical thinking for the highly skeptical. Learn about the greatest mystics and get a sampling of historically inspiring words and deeds. 

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Charles Brock,M.Litt.
Brock Institute for Mega Issues Education

Chaplain, Tutor - Mansfield College, Oxford University                                     1964 - 1998

Minister- Wheatley United Reformed Church                                                         1964 - 1998

Joint Chaplain – Oxford University Reformed Society                                          1964 - 1998

Fellow and Director of Ministerial Education, Mansfield  College                      1975 - 1998

Course Director, MTh, Mansfield College                                                            1995 - 1998

Emeritus Fellow, Mansfield College                                                                     from   1998

Senior Research Associate in Religious Studies, Penn State Erie                        from   1998

Director - Institute on the American Dream, Penn State Erie                              from   1998

Preacher – First Universalist Church   of Girard, Pa.                                           from   2002


Past Convenor, Urban & Rural Mission Group, United Reformed Church, UK

Past Member,   Doctrine & Worship Committee, URC, UK

Past Member,   Ministerial Training Committee, URC, UK

Trustee,  George Caird Memorial Fund

Secretary,  Yvonne Workman Memorial Fund

Patron,  Oxford Council for Christians & Jews

Past Trustee,  Ecumenical Institute, Jerusalem

Member, Faculty of Theology, University of Oxford

Senior Associate, Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies

Teacher, Workers Educational Association [evening classes for 10 years]

Advisor, Centre for Anglo/American/Japanese Studies, Seigakuin University, Tokyo

Founder, Religion & Democracy Programme, University of Oxford

Past Chair of sub-faculty for BTh and Examiner for BTh, DPhil 

Past External Examiner, Westminster College, Oxford MA in Applied Theology

Past Convenor of the BTh Revision Committee

Past Co-Chair, Advisory Committee for the International Interfaith Centre, Oxford


The Lord’s Supper                                                                     1983

Service Book, URC - Sacraments                                              1989

Sightings of Hope [ed.]                                                              1994

Mosaics of the American Dream                                               1994

Academic articles, devotional materials, and reviews               1965 ff.

Work in Progress

Presidential Religion and the Mission of America

The Ten Commandments in American Public Life

Continuing teaching at Oxford [winter] and Penn State [autumn]

American Fundamentalism [at Oxford]

Religion in American Life and Thought

Introduction to Islam

The American Dream                                                    16 May 2013