Imagining an Erie that Intentionally 'Cares For' the Lives of Black Boys and Young Men

April 18th,2019 | 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Professor/Instructor/Speaker: Paul David Spradley,Ed.D.

If you asked a colleague if they care about Black people,
they would very likely answer with a resounding "Of
Course!" However, if you asked that same colleague
what that might look like, they may likely have
trouble putting words to an answer. In this highly
interactive presentation, Dr. Paul David Spradley
will explore the challenges around the intentional
and unintentional de-valuing of Black and Brown
males, and will provide a framework to practice
"Caring For" rather than simply "Caring About" Black males in Erie.
– Paul Spradley, Ed.D.

Paul David Spradley,Ed.D.
President of The Spradley Project

Paul Spradley, Ed.D., is a seasoned Secondary/Higher Education and
Management professional. Passionate about people, education, and progress,
he is a strategic and data-driven leader of people, processes, and finances
with a demonstrated commitment to institutional culture, equity, inclusion,
and access. A lifelong learner with the ability to organize and motivate people
around an idea, he lives by two mottos: progress over perfection; and, love
God, love people, and serve the world. He completed his doctorate from the
University of Pittsburgh, and his master’s and bachelor’s degrees from Robert
Morris University and has won several awards and honors, including the
Pittsburgh 40 Under 40 award, the Pittsburgh Cares Pittsburgh Hero award,
the Who’s Who award, and the Theodore Jones service to African-American
students award