Human Rights in a Closed Society

February 28th,2019 | 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Professor/Instructor/Speaker: András Sajó

Join Greg Peterson, J.D., as he engages renowned former
jurist of the European Court of Human Rights Judge András
Sajó in an interview on "Human Rights in a Closed Society."
The theme will highlight the topic that constitutionalism
imperfections contribute to the closing of open societies.
Judge Sajo defines constitutionalism as "a set of libertyenhancing
ideas and corresponding institutions protective
of liberty." The success of constitutionalism in enhancing and protecting liberties
is not guaranteed. It is dependent on sociocultural development of an electorate.
As a judge from Hungary, Judge Sajo will be sharing his recent experiences

András Sajó

András Sajó is widely considered one of the leading constitutional scholars
of Central and East Europe. Judge Sajó is a Hungarian legal academic and
former European Court of Human Rights judge. He was born in Budapest
and was the founding Dean of the Legal Studies department at the Central
European University in Budapest, later becoming chairman of the Comparative
Constitutional Law LL.M. program. Sajó also served as a Judge of the European
Court of Human Rights regarding Hungary starting in 2008. After his judicial
service ended in 2017, Sajó returned to the Central European University in
Budapest, where he is a professor.