Great Books Spring 2019

April 16th,2019 - June 4th,2019 | 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Professor/Instructor/Speaker: Corrine Egan,B.A.

Join the popular Great Books discussion group, which uses Shared Inquiry, a
method of teaching and learning that enables people of all ages to explore
the ideas, meaning, and information in everything they read. In this type of
discussion, each participant engages in an active search for the meaning of
a work by reading closely, asking questions, and actively discussing the work.
Participants look to the discussion leader for questions, not answers. Each
Great Books anthology features essays, stories, articles, and other media, all
short enough to read at one sitting. The group will meet for eight Tuesdays
beginning April 16, 2019. The anthology is selected by group participants and
is available at the Jefferson. – Corrine Egan, B.A.

Corrine Egan,B.A.
JES Staff

Corrine Halperin Egan has contributed to the Jefferson Educational Society since April of 2009. Presently, she runs a Great Books discussion group each semester for the Jefferson and delivers four lectures a year on Remarkable American Women.

Corrine was semi-retired, working as a management consultant and coordinator for the Global Issues Forum at Mercyhurst, when Dr. William P. Garvey approached her and asked her to come to work at the Jefferson. Prior to her ‘retirement’, she served as Executive Director of the NWPA Area Labor Management Council. Other positions have included Community Education Coordinator at Mercyhurst, Director of the Erie Branch of the American Cancer Society, Executive Director of the YWCA.  She was a founder and Executive Director of COVE, Council on Volunteers for Erie County.

Corrine is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Mercyhurst and also attended University of Michigan. She has served on the Pennsylvania Commission for Women and was President of Temple Anshe Hesed,  Erie County Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse and the Women’s Roundtable. Her awards include the Women’s Roundtable’s coveted Woman of the Year award and Outstanding Alumna of Mercyhurst. She was honored as one of the Mercy Center for Women’s Dynamic Women as well as a Pennsylvania‘s  Most Influential Woman.

“The Jefferson allows me to use my creativity and background to add to my own knowledge, as well as that of the community,” she noted. “What better way to spend my time and energy.”