Climate Change in the Age of Trump

October 10th,2019 | 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Professor/Instructor/Speaker: George Rakis

How have changes in technology, communications, and commerce
transformed our national cohesion? Have these changes, and the pace
of these changes, led to political divisions that make climate policy or
any sound public policy impossible? Political consultant George Rakis will
discuss the confluence of factors contributing to current political divisions
and their impacts on climate policy.
– George Rakis, B.A., nationally recognized political strategist, National
Director of the Climate Action Campaign

George Rakis

George Rakis, B.A., is a nationally recognized political
strategist and seasoned political operative with over 20 years
of experience and is a frequent lecturer at The American
University Campaign Management Institute. Since 2011,
Rakis has served as the National Director of the Climate
Action Campaign, a project of the Partnership Project’s Clean
Air Defense Campaign. Under Rakis’s leadership, this coalition
campaign of environmental and public health organizations
achieved successes in promoting national climate policy –
regulating carbon emissions from power plants during the
Obama Administration and defending those and other public
health policies from legislative and Trump Administration rollbacks. Rakis and his
wife Sheila O’Connell are partners in O&R Consulting a political consulting firm
that works with state and federal candidates, issuing advocacy campaigns and
independent expenditures.