Basic Mindfulness: Loving Kindness for Self

March 26th,2021 | 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
Professor/Instructor/Speaker: Penny Mechley-Porter

Join Penny as she helps you deepen your mindfulness practice. In this 'Loving Kindness' exercise, you'll use the phrases, 'May I Be Happy,' 'May I Be Healthy,' 'May I Be Safe,' and 'May I Find Peace' to invite increased well-being into your life. Over time, this practice can help you experience more peace and help you recognize when you're being really hard on yourself.

This event will be broadcast digitally on the Jefferson's Facebook page and made available on our website.

Penny Mechley-Porter

Penny Mechley-Porter is a licensed professional counselor in private practice serving adults and children. After receiving her M.A. in counseling (Edinboro University), she worked at Sarah Reed Children's Center and in the Dean Ornish Program. Earlier in her career, Penny was a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali, West Africa, then used her computer science degree (Indiana University) as a trainer in businesses across the U.S.