Astronaut Photography

May 5th,2020 | 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Professor/Instructor/Speaker: Joseph ReesePh.D.

Fifty years ago, astronauts first landed on the moon and humanity experienced
a transformational view of our planet – the Earth from space. This aweinspiring
perspective generated a new awareness of Earth's interconnections
and fragility, instilled in viewers a deep caring for the planet, and, as a
result, the Overview Effect was created. This presentation focuses on this
profound cognitive shift, how earthbound individuals simulate this shift
by observing Earth's dynamic, interlinked workings and human impacts on
Earth via astronaut photography, and the continued legacy of the Overview
Effect and NASA's photographic archive on ways people inspire stewardship
of our planet.
– Joseph Reese, Ph.D.

Corry event to be held at Corry Higher Educational Council (221 N. Center
St, Corry, PA 16407)

Joseph ReesePh.D.

Joseph Reese, Ph.D., is a full professor of Geology at Edinboro University, where
he has taught courses on rock deformation and metamorphism, the tectonic history
of North America, geologic hazards and energy resources since 2002. Dr. Reese
holds a Ph.D. in the Geological Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin. He
maintains an active, eclectic scholarly agenda, focusing on place-based geoscience
education, undergraduate geoscience education reform, evolution of Earth systems,
use of remotely sensed imagery to investigate Earth’s surface, and craft beer. He
regularly presents at national and regional conferences and routinely participates in
the activities of professional societies at various levels.