Staff of the Jefferson Educational Society

Reverend Charles Brock, M.Litt.

Brock Institute for Mega Issues Education

Ben Speggen, M.A.

Director of Operations
P: 814.459.8000     F: 814.459.8006

Marcia Farrell, Ph.D.

Membership Coordinator, Editor, Journal of Erie Studies
P: 814.459.8000     F: 814.459.8006

Angela Beaumont

Executive Assistant to the Director
P: 814.459.8000     F: 814.459.8006

Pat Cuneo, B.A.

Publications Coordinator
P: 814-459-8000     F: 814-459-8006

Dr. Judith Lynch, Ph.D.

Writing and Research Consultant

Morgan Adams

Administrative Assistant
P: 8144598000

Andrew Roth, PhD


Bradley Triana, M.F.A

Buildings Manager