The Kennedy Detail: The Assassination of John. F. Kennedy through the Eyes of His Secret Agents

February 19th,2020 | 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Professor/Instructor/Speaker: Jeffrey Sherry, M.A.T.

In today's media heavy world, we have become used to seeing the President
of the United States surrounded by body guards. SWAT teams follow every
motorcade and advance teams precedes every visit away. This was not how
it was in 1963 with only 40 Secret Service agents on the Kennedy Detail who
had the responsibility of protecting a youthful and vigorous President, his
wife and two young children. The agents truly liked the Kennedy family and
became attached, and President Kennedy knew them by first names. This
is the story, along with that fateful day in November 1963, of the Kennedy
– Jeffrey Sherry, M.A.T.

Jeffrey Sherry, M.A.T.

Jeff Sherry, M.A.T., is a retired Social Studies teacher with over twenty years in
the classroom, and earned a Bachelors and Master’s degree from Edinboro University
in History. He also has a Secondary Teacher Certification in Social Studies. Sherry has
written several articles and manuals on a variety of historic topics and has spoken to
numerous civil and school groups on a variety of historic topics. A former reenactor
and living historian, Sherry helped found The Ship’s Company-US Brig Niagara, the
official living history group of the Brig Niagara. He has also been active in reenacting
both WWII and the Civil War. Passionate about baseball, Jeff has coached Little League
and Junior American Legion teams, coaching his son. He enjoys reading and visiting
historic sites and museums. Jeff Sherry is also a Museum Educator at The Hagen
History Center